Are you afraid of clowns??

Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns

I know people who are afraid.. I don’t quite understand it but like any other fear, unless you affected, how could you empathise.  To be quite honest, after watching IT the movie by Stephen King, I too feared clowns for a while. A very short while but none the less.. hehe

 So I never watched that movie again, I’m not really into horror movies either.. Thankfully my daughter is not afraid of clowns. She is infact a clown herself.. We did have a clown at her 5th Birthday who sucked.. It was so bad, even the kids gave up.. HA!!

Why this random post on clowns you ask, well it’s Pixel “Random silly Friday Post”.. OK OK i just made that up.

 We’re going to the Big Apple Circus tonight.. That’s a whole other blog post..  Kinda excited to see Grandma The Clown, turns out she not even a woman much less a grandma.. HAHAHAHA!! O_o

My daughter is very excited and it makes it more fun knowing that we’ll be hanging with our besties, The Yi Clan.

Have a wonderful weekend