2011 Santa Streak in Astoria

All in good taste, humor, comraderie to collect coats donated to NY Cares Coat Drive…

Notice the girl holding the sign is fully clothed… She wasn’t by the time we made it to the finish point aka bar stop.. O_o

I have to say (not that i’m a creep or anything) but all these people had amazing bodies.. Where are the “average” people?? HAHA!! Thank goodness, I kept my clothes on…

The finish line was at Hellsgate Social.. A fun place to meet up, have a drink all while donating to a good cause and OF COURSE the REWARD…

Yet another fun event where I didn’t have a single drink.. *makes mental note to change this soon*… Unfortunately, i’ve been on antibiotics but it sure is fun to be included with this bunch.. Met some wonderful photographers and new “neighbours” in Astoria..

You can see a piece on NY1 here.