OH Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree.. la la la la la something

I decorated my Christmas Tree at my home in Connecticut yesterday. I usually decorate it by myself.. No help from hubby or daughter..They stress me out.. Every decoration has a unique spot.. (is swear i’m not crazy).. The tree is decorated with angels, ornaments from our travels, huge dolls.. My daughter said to me, “it is the sentimental tree”…  It’s feels so different from the tree I put up in our apartment in New York City..  There are no shiny gold christmas balls or tinsel.

I lost an ornament. so so sad… I don’t think I can replace it but it’s okay. It’s funny to hear me shriek.. kid comes running, “are you okay”?  ‘oh mom, you’re nuts”…. lolol

I’m looking forward to Christmas this year. I think we’ll be able to host Christmas dinner at our Connecticut home. I’m trying not to get excited because that may change at any time. My in-laws may not want to come all the way there which would mean my father-in-law will not separate the family, so as usual MY FAMILY will have to go out to Long Island.. I HATE the holidays for this reason..

Well here’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….