On Bed, Lights Off, Camera on Tripod, a Flashlight


What did you guys think I was doing??? LOLOLOL

Had some free time, so I decided to take a photo for my Project365.. Ending up chatting with a friend, so I didn’t to much photo taking..

I woke up feeling refreshed today; energized. A feeling I haven’t had in a while. This Saturday is Help Portrait. I am organizing my own event this year and it’s going to be amazing.. It’s is such a great cause and it is so “ME”.. It pretty much describes me as a photographer. I absolutely enjoy giving portraits and not taking them..

Some of my best photographer friends will be with me on Saturday and I am sooooo siked today.. I am in the best mood EVER!!

So obviously, my title is just me being mischevious today 🙂   thanks for reading.