Ever Wondered…

What those “Fallen Gummies” do when they land between your car seats??

Well wonder no more..

Just think about it…. All the lose change you never seem to be able to find, the spilled coffee, chips, candy, McDonald’s Fries… GUMMIES RULE!! the underground. They have an entire world co-existing beneath your leather upholstery..

Let’s face it, EVERYONE knows of Gummi Bears but what do we really “know about” them, except that they’re squishy and make great photography subjects.. One year, I even pushed gummi bears of ledges and videotaped it.. (another fact you didn’t know about Pixel).

I actually LOVE pool halls.. We don’t play often enough.. I used to be good back in the days..

Here’s to making it to the middle of the week. Almost Friday and my birthday weekend, so Woo Hoo!!