Nights at the not so round table

Family Dinner Time is just that at our house; family and dinner but mostly, it’s about conversation.

Last night was a good night and I wanted to share because I realise that I do have a voice here; that many moms read my blog post.

Talked about my doctor visit, that I’m not going to die (yet) and that means I’ll be around to annoy her for a while.. LMAO! She watches my face with concern and yet she giggles.. She told us about her BFF and that girl’s relationship with her mother. It’s funny to listen to her refer to me while she has a smirk on her face, “when we argue atleast it’s about something I’ve done wrong” “my BFF is just mean to her mom”.. I SMILE!! was that an admittance that i’m right sometimes?? 🙂

Do you talk to your kids about alcohol? You should, I’m sure you’ll get some surprising responses, I sure did.. It turns out she didn’t understand what “legal limit” meant.. She assumed that “drunk” people/kids implied slushed, stumbling, vomiting, acting stupid.. When we told her tolerance to alcohol may not cause any of these and you could be legally drunk and the consequences that followed, she replied “WOW!!”. We talked about it being ILLEGAL for under 21 yr old to drink alcohol. Yes, we all do it but it doesn’t make it right.. We talked about how parents are now being held liable for their kids having parties with alcohol at home. She didn’t think it was fair.. She asked, well what if we are at a hotel? WE said, then the person who got you the hotel room is going to be liable because you guys are all underage.. She said “aaaah”.. We explained that ideally, it the oldest responsible person..  We also tell her that we were both very very bad!! HAHA!! more him than I though, so we understand the need to do these things BUT that all we can ask her is to RISE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!! Have fun without the alcohol or drugs.

That’s when the conversation got exciting. She said, “I spoke with all my friends after my Sweet 16 party and NONE of them had any alcohol that night or even tried to sneak it in”.. She said that they’ve done so at other parties.. She said that their response was “BUT it’s YOUR PARTY! It’s you!!”.. It was great to hear that her friends think of her in this way..

PLUS THE FACT that we had 2 bouncers, her father is Italian and they all wonder why he drives a white truck… LMAO!!! I swear a kid asked her about that once.. talk about stereotyping.

We then moved on to the Sandusky case. I said to her “I’m not sure you’d come to me if someone abused you” – that is, if it wasn’t violent.. I said to her “think of these kids searching for positive role models, holding to anyone who gives attention”.. Lots of teenage relationship is based purely on this.. I said to her, you are one of the lucky ones to sit here with dad and I and have these conversations.  She then said that alot of her friends are from single family homes, they don’t have dinner like we do, so she sees the attraction her friends have for our family..

It’s just awesome to hear these words.. To say those words..

It was funny when she said “Pot?? yeah I know about pot??”  LMAO!! no, I didn’t fall off my chair.. Our conversations are an open book – no judging..  Her dad replied “don’t try that #@#%@ LOL.. they mix stuff into it now.. It’s not like the good ole days.. I’m like “what the hell”… I’ve never tried POT, so i wouldn’t know… 

We talked about the fact that I NEVER drink and drive.. not even ONE drink. I told her that is my choice because I will NEVER put myself in a situation to lose her, that’s my sole reason.. We told her that she has to make these choices on her own.. That SHE is the one in charge of her destiny.

So parents, talk to your kids.. Get to know them.. Be their influence!!