Dec 12 – It’s My Birthday :)

And I can cry if I want to…

Yep, that’s me crying on my birthday. Writing my Help-Portrait Blog Post and sobbing like a baby. I really have to learn to control my feelings..

Every year, I ask myself the dreaded “what did I accomplish”, then I stress, get depressed, my hubby and daughter try to make me feel better.. Then one moment stands out and it just seems to make it all matter… I had so much happen this year.

This year, I lost my mother-in-law… Funny how I made fun of our relationship and yet I now miss her so much.. She was mean but she loved me.. I know that, I’ve always known that.

This year, my daughter turned 16. I have to learn to let her go.. Well this will take some getting used to. I’m not sure i’m ready, I really am not. Speaking with Father Frank yesterday, he said to her “to understand that your mom trust you, it’s the people they don’t know are the ones she’s worried about”.. I was thankful for that.

My Goal for next year is to do more philanthropy work. Maybe find something I can do on a continual basis, instead of taking on single projects. I would like to focus on me  a little more also. I don’t think I allot enough time to review me.. That’s about it really..

So HAPPY MONDAY!!  Be good.. play nice..