13 . 12 . 11

10. 9. 8…….The countdown is on….

I’m nearing the end of my Project365. It’s been quite an exciting journey. It began as a medium to allow me to take a photo a day but soon turned into a journal, a tour guide, a stress reliever, a memorial, an advice column, and on somedays, it provided pure comedy…

I am pleased with my blog. I don’t think I’ve grown as a photographer, in the sense of improving my photo skills but I realised through this journey that it became more than just the photos to me. I thought it would be great to reflect on the day after my birthday at my journey this year.

The sky was brilliantly blue this morning, so I decided to go down to the River for a photo. The water rushed along with a very strong current. I toyed with the idea of taking a self-portrait but knowing that I wouldn’t post it on here, i decided against it..

I would actually love to begin shooting self-portraits. So I may make that my goal next year. HAHA!! Don’t get excited, it doesn’t mean I’ll post images of myself on here.. I find self-portraits as exciting as writing. So many stories can be told by the photo you choose to take of yourself. But until then, I continue to shoot what captures my eyes.

So Cheers to everyone who is coming to an end on their 365 Project. Hoping you feel like you’ve accomplished something from beginning to end.