before the chaotic holiday week begins.

Our Catering Business has been slow. Very few Events booked for the holiday. We’re really feeling this economy. It’s taking a toll on us but we shall persevere, not much else to do..  However, our Meals On Wheels are all being catered Cornish Hens next week.

We’re hosting a Traditional Italian Christmas Eve, which implies TOO MUCH FOOD shall be eaten. We’ll be at our home in Connecticut, so I am hoping for a white Christmas. It’s beautiful there, except of course when trees fall on you house.  Our son is staying over with his girlfriend (for the very first time) and our daughter is very excited to spend time with them. We will do breakfast and presents on Christmas morning, then they’ll leave for her family.

Turns out my brother-in-law is NOT spending Christmas with us, he’s off too Aruba.. So much for “keeping the family together speech he gave at Thanksgiving” LMAO!! All’s well that ends well, we don’t have to pretend we like each other for one day.. OK OK it’s not that bad…

My best Friend (well atleast I think of her as my best friend) and her family will join us for Christmas Dinner, so i’m really looking forward to that. They’ve been such a huge part of our lives this year. I am truly thankful for her friendship..

I’m not really done with Christmas shopping but my in-laws going to Aruba, just made my list much shorter and my dreaded trip to Macy’s for the ugly sweater has been scratched off my list.. HAHA!! I’m sorry, i’m being mean.. That’s what the power of journal writing does to a person..

Of course, it’s Friday, so that means i’m aimlessly rambling on a mindless post…

ENJOY!! Have a fabulous weekend