Annual Christmas Show

My daughter had her annual Winter Performance today. Pretty short show, mostly family and few friends..

The kids performed a couple of Flamenco pieces for us. My daughter is no kid anymore and now performs with the adults.. She makes me proud and it is truly beautiful to watch her perform this dance (ie. when she’s not giggling)..

That’s mine in yellow.. I’m going to sound like a proud mama now but not only does she stand out in that yellow, but when she performs with her age group, you can’t help but stare at her. Her lines are immaculate and arm movements are precise.. OK OK i said too much.

We also served Chocolatada and Churros for snack after the performance, giving everyone a chance to mingle and pass on well wishes for the holidays..

The hot chocolate is very rich and thick and most yummy. Read the history of Chocalatada. My daughter’s Flamenco teacher is from Peru, she moved to Spain when she was 19 to pursue her dream and have studied under some amazing people. I am so proud to know her and to have her as my daughter’s mentor and to be able to expose my daughter to another culture.

Thanks for reading and hoping everyone is having a wonderful Saturday