Building Holiday Party

Ever since we moved in, we’ve been catering the annual Holiday Party at our apartment building.. We’re pretty “low key” in the building and since we’re not in the city on the weekends, not too much interaction at the pool.. However, everyone knows us as the Caterers and even know our names.

This year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took my camera along, since I hadn’t taken a photo for the day yet.. It was uncomfortable in the beginning because I didn’t want to photograph my neighbours but then I focused on the kids and eventually ended up with some really nice portraits to give to their parents, whom I had conversation with…

This one you can’t see her face too well, which is why I’m using it.. The kids sat on the floor and ate pasta, followed by cookies and drank sugary juices… ALL the fun things some are not allowed to do on a daily basis.. They’re soo cute..

I also found out that an old lady I spoke with last year, had passed away over the summer.. 😦  It’s sad to find out but I was happy to know that I took the time to talk to her.. The lady pictured here used to be very feisty but this year, I noticed she was helped to a chair.. I asked if I could photograph her..

So needless to say, it was a fun night.. An opportunity to meet the people in my building whom I never see all week or all year.. Great conversations and AWESOME FOOD!!! 🙂

Take care