One finds limits by pushing them

Woke up not feeling very motivated today.. I have alot on my plate. Sometimes I think I can’t, then by the end of the day, I realise I made it, so this day too shall pass..

I feel like I’m being pushed to my limit.. I need to make changes.. I hit a wall.. I’m not sure what I want anymore, I just think I’m beginning to realise what I don’t want.. Each day passes and I’m obsessing situations that I have no control over.. I asked my husband last night “how do people just decide to change their lives”.. He knows i’m struggling..

I need to make 2012 about me.. about me making a difference. I have to find a way or I will not be truly happy. Did you guys know that they are killing off girl babies in India because they’re too expensive for families to raise.. How Horrible!! Does anyone even remember those children in Haiti?? nothing’s changed for them…

As we go on with our lives, shopping and decorating, how many of us sit back and just think of those who have little or nothing…  I’m soo soo sorry for my depressing post.. but we can’t forget.. we can’t give up our humanity by thinking that they don’t matter today..

I’m sorry…