Give us this day

Our daily bread…. OR ATLEAST have your BFF bake some and bring to you 🙂

What a wonderful gesture.. Sometimes I think I stress my friends out by telling them my feelings, so I hold back.. I forget that sometimes, they read my posts here and other times, they just know the mood of my texts, or my silence means more that just being busy..

@YiPhotography took time out of her day to drive to me and bring me bread.. So her daughter and I could sit and have tea and milk.. LOLOL… It’s a good feeling to have that person you could talk to, who understands.. She is very similar to me, it’s spooky.. Our lives are kinda parallel, with me being the older wiser one.. HAHA!! neh, she’s quite brilliant and she’s my blondie… LOVE HER!!!

Then today, I spoke with my best buddy in Trinidad and I am in the best mood ever!!! She is amazing to talk to.. You know that one person, who you can tell literally ANYTHING to.. and I mean ANYTHING.. well Nick is that person to me.. Our friendship is beyond years.. Can’t wait to see her in February..

So here’s to a “feel good” post after my “don’t want you to be happy during christmas” post yesterday..  HAHA!! I Love this keeping this blog and can’t believe my project365 is coming to an end in two weeks.. WOW!!

Hoping everyone is just have a wonderful day.