I’m Cheating….

with today’s post.. LOL 

Don’t have a photo today that I want to use, because in between working, I’m scanning my mother-in-law’s recipes to make a photo recipe book to give to both families..

My hubby began cleaning out his mother’s stuff from the house and came across a box full of recipes. Some hand written, some clipped.. Some of them I’ve already mastered, some I’ve screwed up, so i’m thankful to have and some I crave for and makes me sad to know she’ll never make for me again.

BUT i’m not really sad because my hubby is a Chef and a really good one at that. PLUS my daughter surprisingly has been bitten by said bug. I think her excitement over cooking or should I say baking, exceeds her passion for sewing.. I think she’s baking up a storm this weekend, so these recipes shall come in handy..  ANYWAYSSS, I digress, my point being, I know her recipes shall make us all happy in times to come.

It did stir up memories of the time we cooked at our old restaurant one evening.. We made Sicilian stuffed breads,  called “impanata”, or “scacciata”… not sure that’s how they’re spelled.. I took photos that evening and wrote down the recipe..

I think this is a perfect post to remember today.. Especially since we’ll be cooking up a storm this weekend. 🙂

Happy Thursday…