Rockerfeller Christmas Tree

Our annual trek into the City to see the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree… The only difference this year, was that we have a whining teenager.. “but it’s the same tree”, “OMG!! so many people”, HAHA!! But she loves it, she loves these “little traditions” of ours..

O_o  So many people. We were lucky to find a parking spot, then walked past St Patrick’s Cathedral (immaculate), pushed through crowds of tourists taking photos, of what I’m still not sure, then stumbled upon the light show, which was impressive and finally made it to the TREE!! phew.. exhausted just writing this..

It’s very difficult to get a good photo.. Everyone tries to capture a holiday memory.. I love that.. People from all over the world come to my city, to see this tree, to start off their holiday season.. So how can you not allow them that opportunity.. Again, i played stalker and offered people to take their photos.. hehe..

Fun night, good laughs with the kids and DH.. They’re funny.. They kept standing behind people to appear in their photos.. I was dying of laughter…

So here’s to a wonderful weekend with family and friends.. Remember, a small kind gesture may mean the world to one person…

HUGS to all of you