Plate to Pixel

My one and only “photography” related gift which I received for Christmas..

It made me smile. One, because Blondie remembered I was intrigued by it and Two, because anything photography related has that effect on me.

It’s pretty funny because photography related items were not high on my list of things I wanted.. For me to “grow” as a photographer, I need time and this year, through my Project365, I’ve learnt that I’m not fustrated with the fact that I don’t know Photoshop, I’m not fustrated with the fact that I can’t take amazing photos like my friends, I am FUSTRATED with the fact that I don’t have the time to invest in it.. This is okay because I’m not quite sure what role photography plays in my life, if not only for therapeutical reasons..

Like I said, it just makes me smile… So I thank my friend for this gift and for that glimmer of sunshine (aka natural light) that streams through my window, and the fact I actully had pears in the house…

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.