It’s this kind of morning

Where store bought coffee is just not gonna do the job… O_o

Not even a good half hour in the office and I’m already hyperventilating.. Not only is it the end of the month but it’s the end of the year, so in my world it means stress..

Taking last weekend OFF was fabulous but it’s like good after club sex.. Really really awesome but you wish you didn’t do it.. HAHA!!! sorry but that was the only comparison that came to mind..  Not that i’m that type of girl but it looks good in the movies…

I am going to have a pretty LONG week.. I have my father-in-law with us this week, I’m entertaining my Help-Portrait crew tomorrow night.. I feel a little sick but it’s all worth it..

Nothing a good strong cup of coffee won’t fix.. This is the kind of coffee that makes the hairs on your chest stand (quickly checks chest for hairs O_o).. well I don’t have any but i’m sure they would, if I did LOLOL… as you guys can see, i’m rambling which only means i’m a bit overwhelmed..

Well have a fabulous day