Sharing the night together

I always ask, how can it get better.. Then I spend another night with people I call friends. After they leave, I look out my window and wonder “how can i top this night”…

View from my bedroom window..

Some of them have never seen my view, so it was wonderful to share this with them. To let them into my world for a while.. To talk about sitting on the Fire Escape many evenings sipping on a glass on wine and watching the sun set over the city..

Would you like to share the night together…..

We sat around the table and talked about photography, food, friends and the future. It was great to talk about future projects like Help Portrait 2012 and my next adventure “The Santa mobile”… HAHAHA!! It’s funny how they agree to my silly antics so easily…ย  BUT IN TRUTH, talking about future projects implies that they plan to be in my life for a while, so that made me smile.

To listen to each of them discuss their Project365 and the direction they’re hoping to follow.. I have 3 more days for mine. I feel like i’ve connected with so many of youย through this project, I’m not sure what I want to do next year. We’ll see!!! It always works out ๐Ÿ™‚

But here’s the to the DAY Before FRIDAY!!ย  Woot..