Day 1/365 – A New Beginning

After completing last year’s 365 Project, I have decided to make a go at it again..

Crazy, some of you might say but it’s a matter of numbers to change the year, the days are the same.. I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done and that’s take photos..


GAH!! or is that a Bah Humbug I hear.. Well the problem is that we ususally set the usual unattainable goals, “lose weight”, “eat heathier”, “drink less”, “spend time with the family”… These are lifestyle changes.. Eventually, we fall off the wagon, so to speak and we then just give up. FORGETTING that we have 364 days to try again..

Try giving yourself smaller goals with shorter time frames.. Remember a “HABIT” is merely one action repeated over time.. (I JUST MADE THAT UP)…  

Me for example; I EAT too much, I drink WAY too much, so my new year resolution is to “cut back” during the week and then I can enjoy myself on the weekends.

As far as the “lose weight” dilema… Grrrr!! Well I’ve given myself until February 16th to tone up.. Since I’m planning a trip then.. So now I’m not faced with a year of disappointment. Hopefully, I get into a rythmn and continue after that date..

I think people who put “spend more time with their family” on their goal list, should be slapped.. Honestly, that’s not a goal, it’s the freaking reason you had a family in the first place. I would actually like to spend less time with my (but don’t tell them that HAHA)

In any case, what ever you hope for this New Year 2012, you first have to realise that YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE.. by writing down goals or saying them out loud, doesn’t make them magically happen..

Mwahaha!! that last sentence made me laugh, because my last goal in my photo was to “kiss in the rain”, we all know that’s not going to happen, unless it’s pouring out and I stumble upon a stranger with a good sense of humor and also because I’m not sure I can actually “work on that one, to make it happen”… HAHA!! but let’s get past my goals for a minute..

So here’s to all of us, willing to brave the elements of time, push back the barriers and make it happen this year..