Day 2/365 – The Cup is Half Full

Learning to be an optimist…

Saying I want my “alone time”, will not happen unless I MAKE IT HAPPEN.. So today, while beginning to pack away the Christmas decoration, I suddenly felt like getting away. Grab a coat, my camera and drove down to the lake.

It looked like a storm was rolling in.. The water was dark, clearly reflecting the stormy bleak sky and the waves were crashing against the docks.. It was sooo cold. I didn’t grab gloves and boy did I regret that decision.. I only took a few shots..

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to shoot. Usually the lake is frozen by now but not even glimmers of iced edges were in sight.. There were still leaves falling, flowers dying…. However, I smiled……….

How lucky am I, to have this getaway… To have this lakeside home.. I can find “ME” time whenever I want, I just need to tell myself this.. I remember last year, we built a skating rink on the pond across from home. That was awesome..

Life is what you make it to be… Take it a day at a time, a moment at a time and before you know it, you’ve would have collected a box full of memories…