Day 3/365 – Resolutions

Day 3 and I am really trying to stick to my resolutions for a healthier me..  One of which is to eat healthier and to drink less. I had decided not to drink during the week with dinner at home but we had an open bottle, so we decided to have a glass each 🙂

Layer Cake happens to be one of our favorites.. Easy to drink (boy do I know that) but when recommended to non-wine drinker friends, they seem to enjoy it also..

It’s also that time to take down the Christmas Tree.. Last year, I obsesssed over bokeh, so having the tree up for a few weeks was great. So sadly, I have to figure out other ways to be creative with it..

How are your goals coming along?? Hopefully, they’re still going full steam ahead and you haven’t become fustrated yet.. I’m actually not sure how I’m going to continue this project in this format.. I’m loving the addtional time to think of the second photo but I can see me pulling hairs in a few weeks.

School starts back tomorrow, so we’ll be back to some sort of routine aka. busy schedules.. My daughter will begin ice-skating again, after a semester off, so that means early morning at the rink (ooh whoop di do).. BUT i’m looking forward to a great January.. Have exciting news to share later this week 🙂