Day 4/365 – Taking the Steps

To make 2012 count and to make a difference in my life, I have to learn to take chances.. I actually do take chances (infact they’re stupid choices HA! i think there is a difference).. BUT I need to realise that my work can have the meaning to others as it does to me. It doesn’t have to be that “amazing” piece, my work is candid and there is a market for it.

Sooo last night, I took the train to Dumbo, Brooklyn (an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), to drop off a photo for a small exhibit.. Yes, I know it’s big news and I’m keeping it low key but it’s really not a huge deal.. 

My daughter and I walked into the powerHouse Arena and browsed a bit.. We love books. She always did as a kid, I regret that as a teenager, reading has become a chore with school.. The books here were “special” and I think we spent almost an hour, reading, glancing, sharing with each other, the ones we liked.. I saw the book by Vivian Maier, I love her story..

Then I stumbled upon this book.. I immediately knew i’d like it for a photo because I thought the book was titled “Alt 365” as in “ALTERNATE 365” as in “other ways to do a 365 project” O_o      I then had the AHHH moment, while looking through my lens and realised it was a book by Andre Leon Talley ie. A.L.T.  O_o

In any case, hehe, I really liked the idea of photographing this for my Project.  I read through a bit and here’s an excerpt of what he had to say:

“Rushing from airport to airport, there was no other alternative than to using a disposable camera. When I saw the results, the easy, non-technical results with that wonderful instant focus, I decided to record my life from that moment on for a full calendar year.  This book is about the people, places and moments in these 365+ days that touched my heartstrings” ~Andre Leon Talley~

OOOHH!! I think he spoke to me… 🙂  the photos were beautiful. They weren’t composed, the lighting wasn’t the best but he captured moments in time and they brought a smile to my face. Isn’t that what art is about??

So here’s to creativity, in whatever form you may express yourself…

Have a wonderful day