Day 5/365 – Finding your Groove

Finding your Groove, whatever that may be, at whatever speed it may be is sometimes the most difficult of all.. Sometimes, elements fall into place but other time you need to search for a bit..

This year has been good to me, with regards to my personal journey through photography. FYI, the rest of my life is in shambles, so I’m lucky to have found internal peace..  I have found that if I begin each day with a list and one specific purpose, it truly helps in being a bit more productive. I been trying to organize but having issues with that.

 My first 5 days have been amazing. I’ve been photographing everyday BUT I “feel” differently about it.. I think I’m beginning to see me again, beginning to see the world, in a space where my eyes are the lens again.. I think I lost that feeling.. It is quite intoxicating!!!

I have to make some life changes in the upcoming months. I’m trying not to stress about it. Instead, I’m focusing my energy on this project, on finding fun things to do (bought tickets to see Stomp), working on my goals ie: eat healthier.. I honestly don’t think “learn to ride a bicycle” is going to ever be on my list.. Another fact you don’t know about Pixel O_o.

So have a wonderful day everyone.

I’m about to have an inspection from the NYC Department for the Aging. Whoop di do!! Story of my life.. but i’m not worried. We run a clean kitchen, one of the best in NYC for the Meals-on-Wheels Program.. So there =P