Day 6/365 – Just do it

A Friend said that to me at the end of last year.. “Just Do it”.. referring to pursuing my dreams, my goals.. He affirmation of just three words, made such a positive impact.

Relating that to my Project365, I happened to have caught an amazing sunset over the Queensboro Bridge. It was pretty much a point and shoot situation.. Somedays, I’m lucky if I take more of than 3 frames of a scene and most time spent is less than 10mins.. I am working ever so slowly on changing that..

Which is why the format of my 365 has changed a bit. I am forcing myself to take another photo related to the main photo of the post… I got home and remembered I needed to do this and luckily there was still some sunset left 🙂 It’s actually a horrible photo but I have to own it.

The Sunset was amazing though…

Tonight the “Feast your Eyes” exhibit will open at the powerHouse Arena, showcasing Food Photography.. One of my pieces will be on display..

I doubted myself as to why they chose my piece but when answering the question “what food means to you” my photo says exactly what that is..  pretty funny!! very candid!! it makes conversation at my dinner table…

So here’s to little ole me.. Starting off my New Year on adventures because a friend said to me “Just Do it”… Take a chance, take some risk, you never know where it may lead you….

Have a wonderful Friday Folks..