Day 7/365 – Surreal

That’s what it felt like – Showing up at the exhibit and seeing your piece on the wall..

Thinking, wow, my work meant something to someone.. I wasn’t quite sure of how it would “stand up” to the other pieces (clearly I have no confidence) but viewing the entire exhibit, i understood why it made sense.. I also had a chance to listen to some critique and comments given by other who attended the opening, it felt great..

Everyone was just so elated to see their work displayed. All of the pieces chosen were amazing.. My hubby really loved the “One Dozen Eggs” by Eric Kaczmarczyk, while I fell in love with “before a one day meal” by Adrian Kuipers.. The photo was taken in Namibia and the textures were just unbelievable..

If you’re in New York and have a chance to check it out, I highly recommend. Exhibit will be at the powerHouse Arena until January 27th, 2012.