Day 9/365 – Find Fun Things

While working on your Project365, if you’re not doing a “theme” per say, find fun things to photography. I spent some time in the garden bird watching…

The birds love when we’re there on the weekend.. The feeder gets re-filled!! but mostly because we can de-ice the bird bath.. I’m not sure why they care, since there’s a huge pond across the street but i’m guessing they’re like their hosts, they enjoy a good sip with dinner. haha!!

I couldn’t decide one photo, so I decided to post three. It is MY project365, so I can do whatever i like..

This is our Blue Jay.. he’s the big guy that tells everyone the feeder has been filled.. He’s so huge that he can’t actually stay on the feeder, so he usually eats off the ground, which makes me think that his “announcement” to the others is purely self-serving.. HAHA

OH btw, I have a bird book but I never use it, so not sure what this little guy is called.. This photo just reminds me to tell you guys that when photographing moving subjects, it helps not the have a swinging bird feeder to top it off.. HAHA!! my words of wisdom.

The Cardinals come around and stand out (as you can see) against the dry bushes… They’re a little more aware of me and fly away as soon as they spot movement.. So my next step is to set up the tripod and remote, maybe i’ll get better shots and a different view.

Well that’s it, I think I’ve caught up with my posts..

Have a great week