Day 11/365 – The dreaded Workout

Sigh!!!! So apparently, one must (should) also exercise to maintain the “better you”.. just kill me now O_o  Exercising is so not my thing.. Never was and probably never will be..

I don’t fend well in aerobics class. I have absolutely no coordination whatsoever.. Running on a threadmill bores me and I fantasize about being a hamster.. The whole “work out” at home (Jane Fonda style) just never gets done.. So I have yet again enlisted a trainer.. My hope is to get me into a routine, where I make exercising a part of my daily routine..

I will never be a gym-rat.. not my thing but I believe that once I shed the initial unsightly pounds and tone a bit, I am in the right frame of mind to actually continue this year.. 2012 BABY!! Right come on say it… this is the year for all of us.

I have motivation at the moment. I am planning to go to Trinidad for Carnival, so skimpy wear is what’s served on the platter.. O_o EEPS!! But I will be wearing my photographer’s hat, so it’s all good..

I’ve dusted off my 5lb weights at home, to fill in when I’m not meeting the my trainer, so right there, a postive thought.. No?? Yes?? Listen, I’m trying okay..  I also am going to begin walking again (with my camera of course), so that would be working on two goals, exercising and me time.. HAHA!! niceness

That’s it.. Let me know what you’re up to..