Day 12/365 – Perseverance

meaning: to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose…

Sometimes this is tough because my day does not allow for it. I photograph almost every day which is why a project365 works for me.. The problem arises when you think “well, do I want to post this?? Is this what I want everyone to take away from my day?”

OK so this photo, so just so horrible but I only took 1 shot, so i’m forced to use it.. BUT it shall serve as a reminder that I need to pay closer attention to the photos that I do take, even if I may not use it..  I loved my main photo and knew I was going to post but needed my second shot. I happened to look up and there was this wine bottle hanging right above us. I quickly stuck my post-it and shot, took it off.. not even checking.. HAHA!!

Last night we went to see STOMP, an Off-Broadway Production in NYC. We were lucky enough to actually have time for a decent sit down dinner before the show.. In that area, there’s alot of Indian restaurants. How to choose??? Well we thought we’d follow 2 indian guys down the street but was we were walking we saw this character in the window and there DONE DEAL!! This was the restaurant for us.. hehehe!!

Taj Restaurant on 6th Street.. who would’ve thought. It was actually very good. The food was so delicious and well prepared. The service staff were attentive and the atmosphere, enjoyable.. So I highly recommend a visit, if you’re into indian food.

I loved everything about this photo except for the Green light… BUT it is what it was and exactly that!! My photo of the day which will stir emotions of laughter and good music..

So here’s to perseverance.. Finding a photo to use at the end of my night…