Day 13/365 – No one has a Crystal Ball

Well actually, I have one now.. 😀

So much in life is unknown. Every decision we make, impacts every second, every hour, every day of our lives and determines our future. Think of where you are now and remember the road that lead you to it.. You just don’t know, no one does.. You can only be sure of the NOW.. which is why, you need to be the best person you can be right now. I try to live this way..

Yesterday was my/our anniversary.. It’s been a tough year for us and yet looking back, I can honestly say that we’re okay.. It’s pretty weird.. We’re made of that “old stuff”, you know the kind your grandparents had, where, you just know your rocking chair is going to be on that front porch next to his at some point??? NO?? YES?? hehehe.

Well we have that relationship. Marraige is really difficult but at the end of the day, I want that porch scene and I think so does he. We work together ALL DAY. We have for the past 17 years of our 19 year relationship.. Not many people can do that.. I just asks that he tells me if ever his plans change and he no longer wants that rocking chair on the porch..

He gave me a Swarovski Crystal Ball last night and said “now you have one, now you know where I want to be”… *insert violin music here*  ON THE OTHER HAND….. I gave him an authentic Grenade Shell from WWII with a note attached, “if the next couple of years don’t work out – pull pin”… O_o    mwahahahaha.

On that note, I think I’ll end here..  HAPPY FRIDAY everyone