Day 14/365 – A Needed Night Out

Every couple should try to have a “Night Out”.. Too often, we get caught up in our busy everyday life, that we forget to re-connect.. OR we often hang out with friends, not realising that at times, it’s good to be just the two of you..

My hubby and I don’t put alot of pressure on ourselves to do this. Infact, we rarely attempt to plan a “night out”, EXCEPT for our annivesary.. (it was in the fine print of the marraige certificate)… ONE NIGHT was all I asked for..  NO KID – NO PHONES – SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT…

During the year, we do have times where it just the two of us and we joke about it being “date night” but in truth, it’s not really, it just happened to be us two alone.. HAHA! there is a difference.  Now that our daughter is a teenager, we’ve dropped her off to many parties and had time inbetween before we picked her up – not a recipe for “let’s be romantic”…

But we make it work somehow, forcing ourselves to find the time. Putting it on the schedule, as we do everything else.. Picking  a restaurant we “both” want to try.. WE force ourselves NOT to talk about work, or family, or children – just us!! He talked about opening a restaurant again (I want this also), I talked about my book ideas (he encouraged) and all my other projects that I need time to explore..

So, my advice to all of you is to try this.. I think it helps. Atleast, it helps us to re-connect, if even for one day, after which he’ll  totally piss me off again but hey, i’ll reflect on that evening and it’ll be better.. HAHAHAHA!!

Sorry, i’ve been off the radar but lots going on at the moment