Day 15/365 – Capture the moment

So while working on your Project365, try to capture a moment in your everyday life.. It may not work with your theme, or your “style” but when you look back upon your project365, it will jog a memory, maybe a smile, a laugh or even a tear..

My hubby was all into the game yesterday.. GOOD GAME btw.. But I quickly thought it would work well with my “capture the moment” post.. So I went up behind him, gave him a hug and stuck a post-it on him.. Then quickly went to grab my camera.. He had no idea!! hehehehe

Then there are other moments…..

When scenes that should be shot, presents themselves to you and you need to be ready to capture it.. We were at breakfast and I was being good, totally engrossed in my company and food, then I saw the tram going by.. DROPPED FORK, spun around quickly…  Fiddling with camera settings and snap..

I turned around, only to see a smirk on his face. “You don’t even realise how crazy you looked in that last few seconds”,… MWAHAHA!! I replied “really?? nah”… hahaha

So sometimes it helps to be ready and other times just capture the moment.. It may be recoverable in Photoshop (which one day i’ll learn, i swear) or it will simply bring back a moment in time…