Day 18/365 – Happiness is a Choice

We can make the decision to be HAPPY today, even if for a minute. We can find something to bring us happiness – sipping on a cup of tea, putting the music up in the car on your way to work, reading someone’s t-shirt.. Simple things!!!

For me, I always say that beyond my family, it has been photography. All through life, it has been with me but only in the last few years have I really tried to embrace it…

The image above, I took last night.. I had a tough workout and couldn’t wait to get into bed, when suddenly I realised I needed a photo with my post-it, to go with my main photo.. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and took this in my dark hallway.. I’m sure, if I spend more than 5 frames, I’d get an even more spectacular photo but I really liked this one.. YOU SEE, my photography is FOR ME!! and that makes me happy.

I don’t catch the sunset at home anymore but when I remember, I have a great view over the bridge. I wanted a different shot, so I decided to use this blue stem glass.. Which reminds me, I really should use cleaner glasses.. hehehe!! Anywayssss, I love shots like these and have a huge portfolio of sunsets, a few of my faves I took while in Arizona (but that’s another post)

Happiness is always available to us, we just have to find ways to let it in..

Hope this post reminds you to do that today, if even for a minute.