Day 19/365 – National Popcorn Day

That’s all I got folks.. It was pretty much the inspiration for today’s photo.. No moral story, no feel good note, no lesson to be learnt.. JUST PLAIN OLE Eat Popcorn Today because you can post.

I went home with the idea of photographing popcorn popping.. YEAH, me.. mwahaha!! Somewhere inbetween nagging teenager, needy cats, dinner and not feeling too well, I really wanted to try this. It was a disaster.. Oil splattered everywhere – Popcorn under every crevass – Burnt popcorn – house smelling of burnt popcorn… HAHA!! luckily the neighbours didn’t come knocking..

BUT i did get a shot I liked.  DID YOU KNOW – On average, every American consumes 52 quarts of popcorn per year.

Hubby came home and said “smells like burnt popcorn” O_o..  He loves popcorn. Infact, he can eat a large popcorn at the movies but he’s very annoying. You know that guy that makes alot of noise eating popcorn? yeah, that’s him..

So sometimes along the way, let your creativity nurture itself through inspiration. Find ways to make your Project365 work for you. Wishing everyone a great day.