Day 22/365 – I love Zucchini

When it snows – We cook… ๐Ÿ™‚

This weekend we made a pot of sauce, smoked some beef ribs and made a zucchini and tomato pizza..ย  I love zucchini! Maybe even as much as I adore mushrooms.

I love being snowed in. It means my hubby can’t go outside and do whatever it is he does.. Hehe!! When he’s forced to be indoors, he focuses all his attention on FOOD. This is what binds our family together.. plain and simple.. it’s the love of food. One of the basic need of mankind. It is the reason we sit together every night and have conversation.. FOOD –ย eating it, preparing it, sharing it – brings us joy.

We’re pretty close to coming to a decision about re-opening a restaurant. We both want to. It is what we desire. I think we may start with a supper club. Probably trying to host our first one within the next two months.ย  If you are a New Yorker following my posts and are interested just let me know..

Shared the most delicious bottle of ShareCropper Pinot 2004. Held up amazingly well..

HAPPY SUNDAY!! Talk to you all tomorrow.. GO GIANTS!!