Day 23/365 – National Handwriting Day

It’s that thing you do to make words when you aren’t typing or texting. You remember, with the pen and the paper?  Some of you may have even been lucky enough to write lines on the chalkboard “I will not talk in class”.. hehehe.

How many of us have gone days without even writing a single note??  Think about your everyday life, some of us no longer write checks, it’s all online. Grocery lists are now on our smart phones. Letters are now emails.. Even in high school, the kids are required to hand in most homework typed not hand written..

The art of penmanship is becoming a thing of the past, which is a shame. My daughter has beautiful handwriting and I hope that it’s something that she continues to use throughout her life.

My handwriting is not that nice. My hubby’s handwriting drives me crazy. He combines upper and lower case in his script.. very very annoying.. lolol (i’m always picking on him)…

I remember growing up in Trinidad and our school desks had holes for inkwells. Not that I used them, but I remember always being intrigued by the idea of using a feather with ink to write with. I wrote with a fountain pen or ink pen, those were such a big deal and you felt like a fancy grown up as they were on your list for high school.. However, that thrill quickly faded when we discovered the erasable pens.. HAHAHA!!

Anyways, this week, i’ve decided to search out random holidays and use them as themes for my photos.. Just to mix it up a bit, so I don’t get stuck.. Hope you guys enjoy my random bits of information…

~ The art of writing, is the art of discovering what you believe. — Gustave Flaubert ~