Day 24/365 – Beer Can Appreciation Day

O_o  I kid you not!!

Yes folks, today is all about the Beer Cans.. Kegs are too much work. Bottles are breakable and may require the help of an opener. But Cans— yes, they’re just there when you need one.. HAHA!!  What the hell!!!!!

OK, even I think that this one is a bit ridiculous.. Who takes the time to appreciate a BEER CAN? At home we usually have Peroni, Dos Equis or Corona – all bottles. So off I went on my “beer can” adventure.. to get a photo of a beer can. *insert giggles here* I couldnt’ find it at the supermarket.. Ended up having to ask someone. They were on a shelf by the produce.. huh?? really??

Grabbed my camera, stuck my post-it and took a few shots.. But I still needed a main photo.. I just thought I’d wing it somehow, it always works out..

I decided to find you guys some BEER CAN facts… AH YES!! The power of the internet…

BEER CANS are the main ingredient for “beer can chicken” duh..  We’ve tried this and honestly, it is delicious and something you should try.

~~disclaimer: we didn’t follow that recipe~~

Hmmmm.. The old “use Beer Cans to practice your Sniper Shooting skills” .. while this actual video is a bit disturbing in itself, the guy is pretty accurate.. And of course, I’d take beer cans over animals any day…

~~disclaimer: didn’t spend much time researching video, just picked the first one~~

The Power of the internet, it just so educational O_o      – I give you the Beer Can House

~~disclaimer: i’m soo soo sorry for instigating your procrastination today~~

So on that note, I’ll end this really dumb post.. Well yesterday was Chinese New Year, we didn’t go out, instead my hubby brought dinner home.. I decided to take this pic after the fact, thinking I’d combine both holidays.. (note the Japanese beer and not Chinese beer)

After explaining to him what day it was, he jumped off his chair, proceeds to his “hoarding closet” and pulls out and old Shaefer Beer Can.. SCORE!! How cool is that!!  But you see folks, this only happens in my house.. who the heck does that??

At the end of it all, I must say.. I’m not thrilled by having to appreciate the Beer Can.. I actually don’t enjoy drinking out of them and always pour into a glass. However, seeing the old Shaefer can stirs up my inner antique nerd feelings and it’s kinda cool..

Well that’s all folks.. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings to my table..