Day 26/365 – Spouses Day

~ Our spouses are always there when we need them, and not just because they live in the same house or because they’re legally tethered to us. ~  Who the hell writes this stuff??? They’ve obviously never been married..

Our spouses ARE there because they have to be – pure and simple. Let’s face facts.. HAHAHA!!!

I’m seriously beginning to question who comes up with these holidays.. Why, tell me why do I need a “Spouses Day”.. I’m married – everyday should be spouses day.. He should be happy he has me.. mwahahaha O_o  Although, we are talking about him, maybe throwing in a holiday once ina while as a reminder is not a bad idea.

Today, do something nice for your spouse. Don’t go overboard okay. I’m setting the bar pretty low, so please don’t outshine me. I’m thinking that I’ll make a fresh cup of tea..


Yesterday, I went to the Vivian Maier Exhibit at The Howard Greenberg Gallery, photographs from the Maloof Collection. What an enchanting and inspiring exhibit of her work. I absolutely love that she was aware of her surroundings. I love her photography work but was even more intrigued by her 8mm movies. I sat there and watched her record some contruction guys.. Her compositions were just fantastic; I did have a favorite.. She recorded a tornado and her stills from that were WOW!!

Okay YES, I’m a fan!! I’ve been from the first time I heard her story.

My main photograph today was taken yesterday, after the exhibit, as I sat in Starbucks.. I’m not sure if they were even a couple but that’s the great thing about photography. I can let you believe what I want you to; I can let you see what I hope you will.. It’s all perception..

Maybe they decided to meet up after work for coffee and take the train home together.. I don’t know. I’m reaching for want of a reason to use my photo because I enjoyed my afternoon.. I didn’t want to post a wedding/couple/inlove shot to portray “spouses day”..

So there you have it folks, another random silly holiday posting by Pixel..  I am happy I was able to relate it to Vivian Maier though because I truly enjoyed seeing her work. I don’t have her book yet, will pick it up tomorrow at the powerHouse when I go to last viewing of my photo on Exhibit there..

HUGS to all