Day 29/365 – Pondering while Wondering

Have you ever wondered…? How birds build nests? Nothing holds the nest together but for the mere strength of intwined branches and leaves. Kinda how a family holds itself together.. Not sure how it works but it tends to be fragile and is as strong as the branches chosen.

I own two bird nest, left behind by there occupants.. I absolutely adore them. They’re an everyday reminder of the stability a home has when needed but it’s okay to spread your wings and build new ones when the time is right..

I often wonder what I’d do if I werent a full time mother, wife and business owner. Would I explore my love of photography? or would I instead explore my love of writing? I’ve always dreamt of travelling and writing and photography.. HAHA!! Don’t we all? but yes, I do.

It was beautiful on the property. Took a few pics. The path at the bottom of the house is small, so you don’t have much options for POV.. I took this pic when I sun beaming down on the grass/moss. When I reviewed it, I wondered… How being at that exact spot allowed meΒ  to capture Winter and Spring with a definitely line in between. It was not my intention.. πŸ™‚

It’s magical while serving a harsh reminder that Mr Winter is still in control.

That’s all folks. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday. I need to get ready for a Catering Job.. So be good..