Day 32/365 – At the Ice Rink

REVISED: as of 2:00pm

Firstly, let me state that I didn’t like my photos today. That being said, they pretty much tell my story this morning. My daughter is a figure skater, which means we have to grab ice time whenever it’s available. For us, that’s 6:00am be on the ice for practice and then meet with coach at 6:45am. We get there and I sit behind the frosted glass. Chat with some other moms OR just hold onto my coffee for comfort.

I literally crawled out of bed this morning and crawled into hers.. Hoping she’d say “mom, I don’t want to”.. I would  have said OK. This is where the discipline kicks in.. She got off the bed, headed to the bathroom and began to get ready.  I am amazed at how the girls do this before school. Last week my daughter had mid-terms exams and still went skating.. The smiles on their faces when they land a jump is just priceless.

My daughter will not end up in the Olympics with her skating but when she does compete, she ranks pretty well amongst her peers. Not sure if she’ll compete this year. Being a Junior is pretty time consuming.

UPDATE: I was exhausted and complained most of the morning about not feeling like working. I got an email from her skating coach about a Free Skating Concert at the rink at Rockerfeller Center. I quickly just pushed everything aside and took the train in. The entire time took me exactly ONE HOUR to get there and back. I am now back at my desk, with a new photo for my blog post. YAY!!!

I love syncronize skating. My daughter did it last year and it was so much fun to watch. This group – Ice Theatre of New York did a fabulous job.

Wishing you all a great Wednesday. We are halfway through the week already. Can you believe it’s February? WOW