Day 35/365 – At the Skate Park

Living in New York is awesome. You just never what you’ll run across. Any given day, you can photograph something totally different without even planning on it.

Saturday, my daughter had to take a test which meant, I’d have a couple of hours to be on my own. I could either go home and clean or go walkabout with my camera, I chose the latter. Actually, I drove to Astoria Park and sat under the bridge, sipping my coffee and eating my bagel (very new yorker lol)

I noticed in the distance, there were some skateboarders. I have my 18-105mm lens, and took some photos. I actually liked these shots from where I was because it gave an urban feel, which if you followed me for a while, you know I love the “whole picture”..

Anyways, I built up enough courage to go up to the guys and ask if I could photograph them. Closer, different vantage point.. The first thing one of the guys said was “what is this for?”… hmmm. Me: “ammm nothing, I’m just a creepy girl with a camera” O_o    He said OK haha

Panning is such a great technique and the results always manages to get a squee out of me. I only spent about 15mins watching them, trying not to get run over. It was a bit chilly but what a wonderful way to spend my morning.

Hoping something made you smile also this weekend