Day 37/365 – Graffitti

Do you see graffitti as art or distruction?

From where I stand (literally), my drive to work, it is art. It is just so beautiful and makes me smile. I rarely photograph the same places twice or need to, there’s just an abundance of beautiful artwork lining the streets.

I have built quite a collection of graffitti photos over the years. Some of them have been removed, others, replaced. So if you see a drawing you like, you really should take a photo, it may not be there next time.

I love this one.. I’ve seen other photographs of it and have wanted to drive past for a while. Happy I stopped and so worth that click πŸ™‚

I love the lines in this one on the garage door…

My Project365 is coming along nicely. So happy for all the comments and traffic to my blog. Take the time to enjoy life. Love the ones you’re with or if you don’t, take the steps to change it. You are keeper of your happiness!! remember that.