Day 39/365 – 200 Handmade Valentine Cards

Phew!! Finally completed and delivered yesterday to the United War Veterans Council. They and 1000s others will be distributed, along with gift baskets our Troops in the Veterans Hospital and to  men, women and children on base with the Annual Valentines Day Goodwill Caravan.

It’s funny though, how some of my post are more about the content I want to share than the photos I choose to take 🙂


I am a volunteer for the United War Veterans Council. Have been for a few years. I am always amazed at the strength of the group to pull these events together. I walked into the office and couldn’t believe how much “Stuff” (we like saying STUFF hehe), was donated… Books, chocolate, clothes, jewelry, bicycles, makeup etc…

You can’t help but be full of pride.. Pat loved my cards (well I think he’s biased- he’s one of my biggest fans hehe). I think I may go in on Saturday and help prepare the baskets, a great way to use my “me time”…

I also managed to land my daughter a part-time job. So that was awesome also.. A great afternoon

HUGS to all and if you happen to stumble upon a Veteran, take a moment to stop and say “Thank you for Serving”.