Day 41/365 – Dinner with the family

BUSY LIVES!! Crazy Schedules. Distance aka Traffic..

We don’t see each other often but there are a few days in the year that are mandatory: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mom’s birthday, Dad’s Birthday, Communion, Confirmations, Weddings etc…

Friday night we celebrated Dad’s birthday. His first since mom passed away. He’s in good spirits. We are dealing with early stages of Alzheimers but it’s good to be together and laugh. He’s a clown.. The grand kids love him as much as he loves them.

My daughter went to the mall with the sole purpose of getting him cupcake from Crumbs. It’s the “gift that keeps giving” scenario. She knows he’d share with her.

We bought him a watch that talks, since he forgets what day it is and it also has an alarm to remind him about his medication. He enjoyed a glass of wine and when asked if he wanted more, he replied “sure, i’m not driving”… hehe.

So we caught up with everyone’s lives. Over 4 bottles of wine.. WOW!! and just way too much food that we should have eaten.. Chicken Liver, Smelts, Mussels, Sliced Sausage with fava beans – just for appetizer.

It was a wonderful night and I even remembered to take my photos for today. 🙂  (yes yes I rock)