Day 42/365 – My City is always beautiful

Even under grey skies, you can still capture beautiful scenes in New York City. I LOVE THAT!!

It’s a shame we haven’t had any real snow this winter. Had all these ideas for photos.. HOWEVER, I am not complaining.. I’ll take a few flurries anyday..

The park was quite empty, except for a few runners. ?????? wow, got to admire their committment. ME? I’d stay in bed, if I didn’t have to drop off my kid to prep class.. But I’m honest happy that I decided to go anyway, it was beautiful.

This is the RFK Bridge (formerly, the Triboro Bridge).. Looks majestic with the faint city skyline in the background..

This is under Hells Gate Bridge…

Going home to pack for my trip next weekend. Not sure what to pack. It’s going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!