Day 43/365 – I eat good

Notice I didn’t say “I eat well”… haha. there is a difference.

Apart from quantity, we eat pretty healthy (I think) but sometimes, you just really want to have a good burger and unless you have a favorite joint that gets it right every time, the next best thing is to make it yourself.

It starts off with good bread – not that hamburger bun crap.

Doesn’t it bother you to go to a restaurant and the burger bun always falls apart?? Well it’s our pet peeve. You MUST have a good solid bread to be able to truly enjoy a scrumptious juicy burger which ooozes of yummy deliciousness.. But still holds your cheese, lettuce, tomato and ketchup intact.

Are you hungry yet?? No, I am not the devil – I am his sous chef. =P

Couldn’t resist posting this photo.. The burger was cooked medium rare on our deck under snow flurries. Washed down with an iced cold Blue Moon… YUM!!!