Day 45/365 – Happy Valentine’s Day

St Valentines – take it or leave it… I think it is a most bothersome event. Do you get a gift? Do you buy chocolates? What if you’re on a diet? Roses are 3 times the price… Going out to eat on that night is horrendous… So what are you supposed to do, when commercialism stresses you out?

When in Rome…..

My hubby had an early catering job today. I found a Valentine’s card waiting on my pocket book this morning.. Very thoughtful indeed.. When I got to the office, on my desk, there was a bouquet of White Roses,  a Bottle of Sparkling Wine and chocolates…

Not bad – Not bad indeed…. Hmmmm.  Well we picked on him enough. By “we” I mean the kid and I.. She also woke up to a plate full of heart shaped pancakes with Nutella, a valentines card and a bag full of chocolates treats..  Woo Hoo!!

Table for Three (3) Please

We’re going out to eat at Christos Steakhouse tonight in Astoria, New York… One of our favorite places to dine.  We’re lucky that the kid (16) will be dining with us. She will not give up Steak for McDonalds with friends.. hehehe!! Yes, Yes, we’re awfully good parents.  Valentine’s Day have always been an Event for 3 in our house.

So wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

HUGS and Kisses