Day 47/365 – My BFF is in the hospital

Such a scary thing. We’ve been talking about for a while and now it’s here.  I’m nervous but I can’t let her know that, she’s nervous on her own.. 

It was tough to go visit and see her attached to tubes. She’s so strong. I’m also glad she decided to have the surgery. From what I know of it, it was a good choice.

She’s doing well.

Sorry if my post seems weird and out of place. I’m trying to catch up and this was my post for Thursday. Also, I’m being vague because I can’t actually tell you guys anything personal about her situation.

It’s just hilarious that I decided to take a photo while waiting for her to come back to her room. Also, laughed alot by myself while waiting, since the machine kept saying she was flat lining becuase it was searching for her pulse… DUMB!!

Well, I’ll end here. She’s since gotten home and is on the road to recovery