Day 48/365 – I guess I really should pack

It’s Friday – my flight is Sunday morning. Still haven’t packed anything. Oh right, incase you don’t know, I’m going to Trinidad and Tobago for the sole purpose of photographing Carnival (and well, yes, to see family members also O_o). I have not been hired, I’m not being paid, no plans for my photos. This is just something I”ve wanted to do for a while.

I finally began putting my camera bag together and joked about not needing any clothes. It is afterall, CARNIVAL. The less clothing; the better it is. So this was a photo I took for a friend (minus the post-it), I threw my bikini in there and was all ready for my trip. hehehe

I take alot of photos, however, i’m not so good at organizing them. I usually just dump them onto my external drive. So I panicked when I realised I need more memory cards and they were still full of event photos.. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really panic, truth be told, i just bought some new ones. 🙂

YAY!!! My Equipment is all ready, except for my camera, which I’m still carrying around with one lens attached. Now if only I can get around to packing my luggage.. There’s always tomorrow.