Day 49/365 – Spring is “springing”

This is been one really weird winter this year, Not that i’m complaining but it is worrisome. This will surely impact our lives at some point in the future.

Last minute errands before my trip tomorrow. Decided to walk instead of use the car today for things in the neighbourhood. What a beautiful “springlike” day in New York City.. Couldn’t help but notice the plants beginning to sprout. I hope the weather holds out because I see flowers also. If we get a cold night, they will freeze.. 😦

 Sometimes, i’m not sure what to photograph or how to compose. This is the shot I decided on for today. granted I only took about 4 frames but still, there was a single flower, I could’ve done a macro on OR I could’ve simply crop in a bit.. But you see, I’m drawn to photos like this. Getting past the fact that it’s not the best photo, I find myself enjoying “scenes” more than “subject”..

I had the camera on that wood border in foreground and just shot, hoping for the best. My body was leaning inside that red fence.. I must have been a sight for anyone passing but I think my neighbours know me by now (I hope)..

Oh well, here’s to spring and saying goodbye to the winter that never was..