Day 50/365 – At the Airport

Woo Hoo!!! The day is finally here..

I am on my way to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival. I don’t intend to play mas, I don’t intend to go to any fetes, I have no intention of drinking up a storm.. My sole purpose is to photograph the Event…

Armed with my camera, 3 lens, a ton of memory cards and an external drive – I JUST CAN”T WAIT!!

This is one of the things on my bucket list. BIG CHECK MARK!! woo hoo!! Can you tell i’m excited?? I have it all planned out in my head, the shots I hope to capture, my time laid out on a schedule, time to rest, time to laugh. I will literally be in Trinidad for a mere two and half days. I fly back on Tuesday night, after shooting for the entire day, quick shower and back to airport.

This is at JFK International Airport.. I’m always afraid to take photos while at the airport because of security BUT how could I pass up this shot..

OOOH I also get to have Trinidadian Food O_o… YUMMMMM!! Hopefully, it plays out well as it is outlined in my head. I know I won’t be disappointed because I have no real expectations. This is a personal journey…

HUGS and be safe.